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  10.07.13 :: Cirque de Soleil
What do you know, a great venue and a great act have come together. Cirque du Soir guestlist - Join now and experience an amazing night in one of Londons best clubs. This club is like no other club in London.

  2.2.09 :: Jack It Up.
Well, what do you know? A little bit of exclusive Crystal Method news. How very interesting.

  8.27.09 : Music Music.
We've been working for some time to bring you good deals we see on our travels, so we use this cool site for comparing hotel prices all over the world, but especially in America and Europe. Make sure you browse their prices when you are looking for what you want for your next holiday!

  5.31.08 :: Can You Feel It?
Today we direct you to two new tracks care of the good folks at Offworld Music. Nynex and DJ Mea tear it up in Hybrid-meets-Christina-Aguilera sort of way. Even still, they're pleasant to the ears, and 'The Simplest of Things' seems like it could fit well into a trancey progressive house set.

  5.31.08 :: Calling All Freaks
What we have here is a streaming Real Audio version of 'The Name of the Game.' It is a brand-new song from The Crystal Method and will be featured on their forthcoming release 'Tweekend.' Click the above link or copy the shorcut and then paste it into your RealPlayer. The sound quality is especially good, by the way.

  5.25.08 :: Goes Down Smooth
Holy cow. Creamfields is coming to the States. Yes. Creamfields is coming to the States. Twice. This year. Whoa. Whoa.

  10.25.09 :: Useful Tip
One of my fave writers returns,giving out his sometimes ridiculous but amusing and useful travel tips.

  5.22.08 :: Miles Ahead
Robert Miles is back, and this time he's got a few new tricks up his sleeve. Did somebody say 'orchestra'? My friends, that's just the begininning.

  5.15.08 :: Graham to the Max
Oh, the witty headers I come up with...In any event, today marks the much-anticipated release of Tranceport 4. Joining the ranks of Paul Oakenfold, Dave Ralph, and Sandra Collins is up-and-coming spinmaster Max Graham, who has given a distinctively different flavor to the latest installment of Kinetic's groundbreaking series.

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